Violence against women: Persistent Patriarchy and Feminist theories.

BY – Vidushi Rastogi

We live in a society where women are taught to be quiet, where raising voice against injustice is not considered a good thing for women. Where women are the sufferers and society is the audience. Where every window is shut for a woman, the door of law is always open for women. Feminist are trying hard to bring about a peaceful environment for women to life in some criminal minded people are not willing to stop violence against women. It’s high time that we understand that women are not fragile showpieces to be kept and decorated at home. Women have an identity of their own. They have the power to change the world. Everyday a new case of violence against women flashes in the news leaving everybody scared. In this 21st century also women have to think twice before stepping out of their home alone. The patriarchal society can’t allow women to grow, to learn ,to explore where as feminist are trying hard to make the world acknowledge that women’s identity are equal to men. Our Indian legal system is becoming more strict and aware of the rights of women. Where on one hand some criminal minds are violating laws and torturing women, on the other hand our Indian legal system is implementing strict laws to protect women from these criminals.

Feminist theories believe that equality has been a big question in a woman’s life. They have quoted that even equal pay at work for women is a myth, the reality of which is grim. Women are often harassed at work places. Criminals are covetous to women if they are more efficient and more hardworking. Women have also been denied the bodily right which comes under tortious liability. Feminist theories are highlighting and working to eradicate the injustice happening everyday to women. They also quoted that women are also denied even the basic fundamental right that is right to speak and right to freedom.There are various legal aid which is working to help these women and bring about a peaceful environment for women to live, to work , to speak.
A systematic review from WHO. Responding to intimate partner violence and sexual violence against women: WHO clinical and policy guidelines. Violence against women and girls is increasingly visible on the global health and development agenda—both as a matter of social justice and equality for women and as a public health priority. After many years of dedicated efforts, more is known about the epidemiology of some forms of violence against women, and knowledge is increasing about what works to prevent and respond to such violence.
However this is not the end. Everyday and everywhere women go through such violence. Women are fearful to raise their voice against these felons because after this the felons are not to be blamed it is the women who are blamed. Society and patriarchy adversely affect women’s lives. They are always judgemental towards women. Women are always judged upon the shape, size, colour , weight and the kind of dress they wear. ‘If a woman in short dress is harassed then in the case it is the women to be blamed to attract the criminal minds’ this is what the society and patriarchal minds think. Feminist women have been raising their voice to support these women who feel helpless and depressed and had to face violence.
Women face harassment in their homes also. Sometimes it’s a family member who does it and women are forced to be quiet. They live with that trauma, and with their abusers without ever getting the chance to speak about it.
However our legal system is becoming stronger with each passing day. Our legal system is standing and supporting women when their rights are violated. New and strong laws have been formed by the Indian legal system to support women. Women have all the rights to seek justice and punish these criminal minds. Now criminals should rectify their thoughts because now more and more women are coming forward to seek justice for all the injustice they have had to go through for so long.

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